Service - Lawrenceville Optician

Our Comprehensive Services

At Lawrenceville Optician you won't just find a pair of glasses. We want you to feel good with your new glasses in the long term, so we provide the comprehensive services you would expect from a competent and experienced optician.


What frames look best on you? What glasses should you choose for your vision and your viewing habits? Each customer has individual requirements in terms of vision correction. With the opticians at Lawrenceville Optician, you can count on getting competent, personal and detailed advice.

Processing and Repair

Making an individual pair of glasses requires a number of work steps that are still traditionally done by hand today to ensure quality. Our opticians therefore personally grind your lenses in our workshop. We can carry out the repairs right here at our office. You are guaranteed satisfaction with your finished glasses.

Adjustment and Care

Your glasses don't sit properly on your face any more? The arm on your frames is broken or twisted? Our friendly team is always here to handle small adjustments, repairs or cleaning for you immediately and free of charge.

Pediatric Specialist

At Lawrenceville Opticians we specialize in fitting children of all ages.  We carry specialty frames called Dilli Dalli for infants and Specs 4 Us for special fitting needs.  We only use safety lenses for all children with scratch protective coating and UV protection.  We also carry a complete line of sport eyewear suitable for any sport. 

We devote the necessary time to fit your child with the proper eyewear